Why vito is the best oil filter system for the fish & chip industry

The Vito  Oil Filtration System works by maintaining & prolonging the life of your oil to the highest standard by filtering while it is hot. This is when the oil is at its thinnest so this enables Vito to remove the carbon that you physically cannot remove. The process takes 5 mins and cuts down on valuable time draining and wiping your pans out.

Using the Vito twice a day every day will ensure you fry in the best possible quality oil everyday giving your customers a fresher & better looking product as well as reducing considerably on your oil costs.

The Vito is fully automatic and designed to be used without supervision allowing staff to carry out their duties. Just press the button and the machine will filtrate your oil on a 5 minute cycle. Once it has finished it will automatically switch off with a beep.

The multi-use, biodegradable filter paper will remove up to 95% of the carbon from your oil and on average you will get 4 – 6 filtration’s from 1 filter paper.

We are Associate Members of the NFFF and work closely with them in their Training Academy where a Vito is used in the training course.

Published On: August 19, 2020Categories: Articles, News

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