What Our Customers Say


Huw Jones, CEO

Finnegans Group

The Vito filter machine has made the chore of filtering our oils much easier and quicker. We don’t have the risk of having to take the oil out whilst filtering and also they can be filtered whilst on and at full temperatures. Also our shift manager can carry on with prep and other jobs whilst the Vito is working away in the background. Great machine and well worth the investment.


Jon Randles, Catering Manager

Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks

I am very happy with the performance of the Vito 80 & the "magic wand" FT440. They have performed faultlessly in all 4 parks and have vastly improved both quality and life of the oil. They have been a great purchase and I would certainly recommend both the machine & oil tester to all places with fryers as they do an amazing job of filtering & telling you when oil is past its best and has itself stopped oil being wasted when we have thought it was already done.

Thanks again for the amazing product your company supplies, it really is as good as I had hoped it would be. I couldn't recommend it more highly.


Ahmet & Ali Ziyaeddin

The Rock and Sole Plaice (UK) Ltd.

We at The Rock and Sole Plaice have over the years looked at oil filter systems but due to a small shop size all have been unviable for us until you approached us with your Vito Oil Filtration System.

First the size basically a shoe box, great but secondly does it work as good as the big Dr Who Dalek systems, in one word, yes.

We sieve our oils a lot, it’s hard work and constant. The Vito has made life a lot easier whilst helping us maintain oils at an exceptional level. Thank you, your product is excellent and will no doubt pay for itself.


Alan Beck

French’s Wells Next-the-sea

Using the Vito filtering system has improved the consistency of the oil that we use during busy periods. This means we don’t use so much oil and throw so much away. The biggest bonus for us is that during the mid afternoon lull we used to have to drop the temperature of the oil to filter it, therefore creating a queue, now that we use the Vito and we don’t have to do this it stops the queue from forming meaning happier customers not waiting so long.


Andrew Chase

Nomads Fish & Chips - West Sussex

Had my Vito for 18 months now and am extremely happy with my investment, so much I couldn’t be without it! So compact for my van and easy to use, how difficult can it be to press a button!

Quality of oil vastly improved and product looks better which means happy customers. No it doesn’t empty my pans but not a problem for me as I filter and top up and when time comes to clean my pans there’s nothing wrong with a good old saucepan :)

Alma Park Fish Bar

Sally Michael

Alma Park Fish Bar

We are delighted with our Vito80 at Alma Park Fish Bar, it has significantly reduced our oil usage by more than half and the customers are giving very positive feedback about our food.

Easily the best purchase we have made and is paying for itself. Would recommend without hesitation.


Calum Richardson, Chef Director

The Bay Fish & Chips Aberdeen

VITO only has 3 moving parts so it’s just a case of changing the filter paper, it’s incredibly simple! aving it in place saves time as you don’t have to drain the oil which is always quite labour intensive. The machine has paid for itself within a year. Fabulous machine and very professional company.


Scott Drew, Proprietor

David’s Fish & Chips Brixham, Devon

Having previously owned the Vito 80 for five years, we recently upgraded to the new generation Vito 80, the old machine was great but this one is even better, with much more suction, it is like a mini whirlwind in the pan, collecting all the tiny carbon particles, having owned one before, I know this machine will again pay for itself within a year with the savings made by extending the life of the oil, a fantastic, well built, quality machine!


Barry's Fish & Chips (mobile)

Mistley, Essex.

I have been the proud owner of Barry's Fish & Chips mobile for the past 35 years. It's been very hard but also very rewarding.

Until I found out about VITO, my fryers were all done by hand through a cloth filter - very laborious and time consuming. VITO caught my attention and so I decided to purchase a machine & filters.

WOW, this certainly changed my fryer cleaning schedule, not only did it filter out all unwanted carbon deposit from the oil, I just switched on and left the machine so I could do other jobs while it was filtering. After 4 minutes it would buzz to tell me it had finished. With 3 large fryers to do, it took only 12 minutes. This was fantastic compared to 40 minutes the old way with a cloth & Jug and it was saving on oil. I now dispose of only 1/3 of the oil used previously. This saving was far better than I imagined and the fish & chips now come out looking fresher and cleaner with no carbon deposits on the cooked food. Customers love it and my turnover increased by 25% since the first month of using the Vito filtration machine.

This is totally due to VITO. I cannot imagine being without my Vito. It is the one item in my van which I am very proud to own.

Jolly Fryer

John Lord, Proprietor

The Jolly Fryer, Burnham on Crouch, Essex

Transformed my business, quick & easy to use and so powerful! I have Kiremko built in filtration frying ranges but this little beauty pulls out so much carbon it’s unbelievable! Would I recommend? - A million percent! - Great product & great company!