What Our Customers Say



What our customers say

Running a very busy Asian Restaurant, I’m constantly looking to reduce my oil costs, especially as we cook in clean oil every service. After researching cooking oil filtration, I was introduced to the Vito oil filter machine. It’s a well built & easy to use piece of kit. I run the machine through my fryers daily. Immediately I cut my oil consumption by 50%. I would definitely recommend this machine as it is also saves on my staff labour and you filter in hot oil so no time wasted waiting for oil to cool.

Ryan Mather

Head Chef/Owner of Kahuna, Newquay

What our customers say

It filters really well and it’s prolonging the lifespan of the oil so we don’t have much waste oil now. We got it a couple of months ago and I haven’t had to change the oil in my fish pan at all, we just top it up. I love it, I call it my dream machine. The oil tester flashes green or red to tell us if we need to throw the oil away or not. I put the oil from the chip pan into the fish pan, which makes it a lot dirtier, but it’s still flashing up green in the VITO machine. The product is coming out a lot better since we’ve been using it. You can tell just by the colour of the batter on the fish. I recommend anyone that has a fish and chip shop to get a VITO – you’ll save time on wages as there’s hardly any oil to dispose of.

Sue Driscall

Manager at Sole Bay in Lowestoft

What our customers say

Using the Vito filtering system has improved the consistency of the oil that we use during busy periods. This means we don’t use so much oil and throw so much away. The biggest bonus for us is that during the mid afternoon lull we used to have to drop the temperature of the oil to filter it, therefore creating a queue, now that we use the Vito and we don’t have to do this it stops the queue from forming meaning happier customers not waiting so long.

Alan Beck

French’s Wells Next-the-sea

What our customers say

VITO only has 3 moving parts so it’s just a case of changing the filter paper, it’s incredibly simple! Having it in place saves time as you don’t have to drain the oil which is always quite labour intensive. The machine has paid for itself within a year. Fabulous machine and very professional company.

Calum Richardson, Chef Director

The Bay Fish & Chips Aberdeen

What our customers say

Having previously owned the Vito 80 for five years, we recently upgraded to the new generation Vito 80, the old machine was great but this one is even better, with much more suction, it is like a mini whirlwind in the pan, collecting all the tiny carbon particles, having owned one before, I know this machine will again pay for itself within a year with the savings made by extending the life of the oil, a fantastic, well built, quality machine!

Scott Drew, Proprietor

David’s Fish & Chips Brixham, Devon

What our customers say

Had my Vito for 18 months now and am extremely happy with my investment, so much I couldn’t be without it! So compact for my van and easy to use, how difficult can it be to press a button!

Quality of oil vastly improved and product looks better which means happy customers. No it doesn’t empty my pans but not a problem for me as I filter and top up and when time comes to clean my pans there’s nothing wrong with a good old saucepan.

Andrew Chase

Nomads Fish & Chips – West Sussex

What our customers say

Transformed my business, quick & easy to use and so powerful! I have Kiremko built in filtration frying ranges but this little beauty pulls out so much carbon it’s unbelievable! Would I recommend? – A million percent! – Great product & great company!

John Lord, Proprietor

The Jolly Fryer, Burnham on Crouch, Essex

What our customers say

Since investing in our oil monitor we’ve a greater sense of awareness regarding the quality of our oil. As a result, we’ve seen a reduction in waste oil alongside an improvement in our product.

Sam Parry

Top Chippy, Llanwrst

What our customers say

Since investing in our Vito FT440 Oil Tester, it has helped to improve everyone’s knowledge and understanding of oil management and why its such a vital part of the frying process when running a successful fish and chip shop!

Lauren Kellaway

Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year


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