#VITOConnect is a new dedicated online platform which is free to customers who have purchased a new VITO VL or VITO VM and only available for the VITO oil filtration systems VITO VL or VITO VM.

Free online one to one #VITOConnect training can be arranged at a suitable time.

This platform enables the end user to register their VITO VL/VM via built in WiFi included on every VITO VL/VM.

Once registered on the #VITOConnect platform, every time the VITO is turned on it will connect to the platform automatically. #VITOConnect can be connected to existing HACCP systems already used in a kitchen.

Once you have registered your #VITOConnect oil filter system, you can then log in via any smart phone, tablet, or computer and download usage data such as when the VITO has been used, oil savings, carbon savings, cost control, etc. Email PDF reports can be set up to be sent automatically to multiple email addresses at any frequency you desire.

#VITOConnect allows you to maximise cost control, have automatic documentation, and get the very best out of your VITO and of course your kitchen team.


Cost Control

  • Investment protection
  • Profitability assurance
  • Proven amortization


  • Digital monitoring
  • Increased efficiency
  • Effective error analysis


  • Individual control
  • Quality control
  • Easy configuration


  • Fast delivery
  • Simple presentation
  • Open interfaces


  • Permanent logging
  • HACCP compliant
  • Transparent documentation