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Save up to 50% of your frying oil costs

  • Reduces your frying oil consumption by removing the carbonised particles, micro particles and suspended sediments
  • Less oil changes
  • Lower cleaning effort
  • Lower storage costs

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VITO® Cost Saving Calculator


Go Green With VITO®

By using VITO® regularly you are not only saving time and money, you are also contributing to a clean and healthy environment.

Less waste with VITO®

By using VITO® you are using less frying oil and less drums/containers. Our filters are completely biodegradable as they are made from cellulose and completely biodegradable. You will not pollute the environment by using the VITO® oil filter system.

VITO® means lower emissions

Using frying oil causes emissions due to its production, transportation and disposal. However, if you use the Vito® oil filter system, you are able to save up to 50% of your frying oil and use less oil. You will protect the environment by decreasing the emissions caused by the production and transportation of frying oil.