Why do you need to filter your frying oil?

There are several key reasons why you should filter your frying oil:

Firstly, to improve the quality of your frying oil by removing particles and the carbon. 

The food service industry will be all too familiar with the associated health risks of fried food and the healthy eating agenda, so it’s a perfect time for operators to seriously look at getting the best possible fried product to their customers and the best equipment to use.

An area which is critical to this topic is of course, oil filtration. It seems a pointless exercise and a waste of time & money if you purchase an expensive commercial fryer, use the best quality produce, only to fry the product in un-filtered oil.

Before considering anything, it is valuable to understand the importance of why you need to filter frying oil. Your frying oil should never be used if there is sediment or floating, suspended particles. These particles are the main factor in food discolouration & bad tasting fried product.

From the first frying service the oil must be filtered before further use. This is achieved by filtering the oil while it’s hot in the fryer. There is no need to empty your tanks as this is unpractical and you get a finer filtration when the oil is hot.

Unlike other products on the market, Vito will filtrate multiple fryers and fish pans by using the multi-use, biodegradable filter paper. This process makes Vito a unique portable filter system which is labour saving & sold into 152 countries worldwide. Manufactured in Germany with extensive testing facilities.

Another important factor with good oil management is the TPM (Total Polar Material) This will determine the life of the oil. The Vito FT440 operates a simple traffic light system which tells the operator when to change the oil, leaving nothing to chance as most kitchens throw oil away too early because it as darkened.

So to sum things up if you really want to increase profits, prolong the life of your frying oil, save money and serve customers a better tasting, fresher looking product, look no further than VITO® UK and our fryer oil filter machine.

Published On: August 20, 2020Categories: Articles, News

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