Vito versus blue seal - which is better?

While both machines have their advantages and disadvantages – we believe that the VITO machine is the best choice for your commercial kitchen. Whether you need a space-efficient design, easy maintenance options or simply look for the best customer satisfaction, we can ensure a smoother and more efficient filtration process in your takeaway kitchen setting.

Blue Seal

At VITO, we’re not shy to discuss our competitors. The Blue Seal Evolution Series EF30 has a 20 litre oil capacity, powerful reversible pump to allow total system flush out and its filter bags can be reused up to 500 times. It comes in at 51 kg on average and is mounted on 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors.

Blue Seal is another well-known brand in the commercial kitchen equipment industry and their machines are a reliable choice, providing high capacity, versatile filtration options and a durable machine.

So how does VITO compare?

Vito versus blue seal - which is better?
Vito versus blue seal - which is better?


Not to toot our own horn – or filter our own oil – but we believe the VITO machine is the best choice for you and your kitchen. The VITO VL machine can filter up to 50 litres, which provides 30 litres more capacity than the Evolution Series EF30.

Additionally the VITO machines are designed for use in a busy kitchen setting, suitable for use in hot oil and removes carbon and micro particles from your oil in 5 minutes with no need to let it cool first.

Our machines are known for their compact and space-efficient design, making them the perfect choice for small kitchen set ups commonly found in most takeaway establishments.

VITO Oil Filtration machines have gained a reputation for their reliability and effectiveness in numerous commercial kitchens worldwide. Many takeaway owners who have chosen VITO machines have reported increased customer satisfaction, improved food quality, and cost savings.

Not only is all of the above completely true – our VL was awarded the Irish Foodservice Supplier Award for Energy-Efficient Light Equipment, meaning you’ll be adding a piece of award-winning equipment to your kitchen.

Where should you start?

Not sure how to get started? Why not try our kitchen oil tester so you never change your oil too early again by measuring the quality and temperature of your oil. Then, once you’re more comfortable with understanding the TPM (total polar material) within your oil and why you should filter your oil in the first place, take a closer look at our filtering machines including the VITO VL or the VM. We also offer package deals if you’re interested in a quick start – visit our products page for more information.

Have any questions? Get in touch with us as we’re more than happy to help you get started.

Published On: July 20, 2023Categories: Articles

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