Vito: still going strong a year on | french's fish & chip shop, wells next sea

Customer Testimonial From French’s Fish and Chip Shop in Well Next Sea

A year after purchasing our Vito Chip Fryer filtering system which we still use almost daily, it really comes into its own when we are busy. We have for years, on busy days, struggled to get the pans cleaned during the afternoon period when we are supposedly quieter.

This doesn’t seem to hold true in the last few years though, as we have struggled on trying to drop the temperature of the pans enough to filter. But this meant that the customer queue was forever building as it took away a pan from us for at least half an hour each. This was totally unacceptable as the customers were waiting too long & rightly so became disgruntled at this fact.

Since having the Vito, the fact that we can filter the oil at frying temperature means that the customer hardly notices that we are filtering the oil. The only difference being that the consistent quality of the oil is maintained due to frying in clean oil.

Published On: August 28, 2020Categories: Case Studies

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