Oil sustainability and using a commercial deep fryer filter

Commercial deep fryers are becoming more and more a core piece of equipment in a large number of commercial kitchens – whether they’re used in a restaurant or takeaway. And where you find a Valentines Fryer, you will find cooking oil.

This cooking oil will regularly need switching out to ensure you’re continually using high quality, clean oil – and without an oil filter machine this can mean you will go through a large amount of oil which can mean increased business costs.

Frying food in oil leads to the gradual build up of excess carbon, micro particles and other suspended sediments from the food within the oil. The build up from this debris in time lowers the quality of the oil and the food won’t come out of the fryer in the quality your kitchen is known and loved for.

Do You Need a Cooking Oil Filter System?

This decision is entirely up to you. However, without an oil filtration system or at the very least an oil tester it will be difficult to know exactly when to change your oil and you may find you are often changing your oil too early. The VITO FT440 oil tester operates with a simple traffic light system to help you understand when to replace the oil.

A full cooking oil filtering system helps to lengthen the life of the oil, cleaning out dirt and debris from your fryer which allows you to get more usage out of your oil.

Reduced oil consumption in the long term leads to reduced running costs for your business, and increased savings overall. Oil life is increased, and regularly filtering your oil can increase the lifespan of your fryer, and fewer oil changes means fewer man hours cleaning the machinery.

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Oil sustainability and using a commercial deep fryer filter

At VITO we have recently introduced our newest model, the VITO VL – the perfect system to clean your oil in an easy and hygienic way. This model is stark improvement on its predecessor with new design and features including:

  • 125% more filter area
  • 116% higher particle flow rate
  • Larger operating panel
  • QR code function
  • Better rotor
  • Increased cord protection
  • VITOConnect

The VITO VL machine is ideal for all commercial kitchens, including fish & chip shops, restaurants and takeaways. The VITO VL can reduce your oil usage by up to 50%, and the machines can be used on the same oil multiple times a day which ensures your oil is clean and in good health to create top quality fried food.

The VL is the perfect companion to Valentine Fryers, a freestanding fryer option which are flexible and able to cope with large amounts of fried food when your kitchen is at maximum output.

Our oil filter machines all use biodegradable filters, which supports our mission towards oil sustainability within commercial kitchens. It’s important to us that kitchens in restaurants and takeaways are all working sustainably to protect our future.

Ready to learn more?

For more information on our commercial deep fryer filters, get in touch with us at VITO UK with your questions. We’ll be more than happy to answer your queries and provide the help you need.

Published On: January 12, 2022Categories: Articles

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