Malins fish & chip shop, paris case study

Customer Testimonial from Malins Fish and Chips based in Paris, France.

We were looking to purchase a new oil filtration system for our mobile fish and chip food van, so we reached out to Gregg Howard, the former President of the National Federation of Fryers. Gregg recommended that we got in contact with Vito UK to discuss their range of portable oil filters for Fish & Chip Shops.

After speaking to the expert team at Vito UK, we opted for the Vito 80 oil filtration system. Due to the portable and light weight nature of the machine, it makes it perfect for use in our mobile fish and chip food van which we use for events, weddings, markets and private hire. Compared to much larger filter machines, the compact size makes it easily manoeuvre around our van where we do not have much space to work with.

Seeing as the Vito 80 can be used while the oil is still hot, we can also run, clean and filter our oil during events, meaning that we can ensure a high quality of food and standards throughout – even in a mobile food van. This is essential for us as we cook all of our food fresh on the spot, and like to maintain the highest standard of quality in all of our fried foods such as cod, haddock, pollock and chips.

Our oil now lasts much longer, meaning that we do not have to replace it as frequently. This also means that we do not have to transport as much oil with us to events.

Malins Fish and Chips would definitely recommend the Vito 80 oil filtration machine to other owners of mobile food vans, food truck or restaurants with smaller kitchens and working areas.

Published On: May 18, 2021Categories: Case Studies

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