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VITO tabs - Fryer boil-out
Only 3 steps for a clean deep fryer

  • Individually packed: easy & safe dose
  • Easy to use, saves working time
  • Removes burnt-in grease and oil
  • Intensive fryer cleaning
  • 15 tabs per tub
  • Order 4 or more tubs for free delivery


Step 1

  • Drain the oil when the fryer cooled down. Fill the fryer with water to the „Max“ mark. Put 1 tab for 15 L (33 lbs), 2 tabs for larger fryers into the water.

Step 2

  • Heat the deep fryer to 80°C max. 90°C and let the solution boil for 15-20 minutes. Check the degree of cleaning, let it boil for longer if necessary. Use a scrubber to remove debris.

Step 3

  • Drain solution and dispose it with a suitable container. Wipe off any remaining sediment with a sponge. Rinse fryer several times with water.


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