Valentine TF5 Single Pan Table-top Fryer

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Single Pan, Single Basket Table-Top Fryer

Product Overview

  • Constructed entirely in stainless steel
  • Pan pressed from one piece of metal without welding and with rounded corners
  • Removable chassis and pan for easy cleaning
  • Easy to work with 1 knob
  • System dialogue for maximum output
  • Cool zone under the heating element
  • Safety thermostat with a reset button

Top-quality components

Valentine has developed a table-top fryer which satisfies the expectations of even the most demanding customers, with a top-quality finish and an excellent quality performance.

Three-part fryer

For greater safety and easy maintenance, the TF series is divided into 3 parts, the control unit, the pan and the chassis. The last two components can be washed in a dishwasher.

Drain valve

All the TF models (except TF5) are fitted with a front drain valve allowing you to drain the oil.

Pan pressed from one piece of metal, without welding Valentine has developed a tank pressed from one piece of metal. The absence of welding and the rounded corners make it easy to clean and guarantee optimum hygiene.


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