Reduce your oil usage by up to 50% with an oil filter machine designed for takeaways. Whether you’re making tasty fries, succulent fried chicken, or the perfect battered products, the VITO filtration system improves the quality of your frying oil, extending its life and reducing consumption in the process. That means less oil usage, fewer oil changes, and less of your business’ revenue spend on buying new oil.

Frying food in oil leads to the gradual build up of excess carbon, micro particles, and other suspended sediments from the food within the oil. Over time, the buildup of debris lowers the quality of your oil, meaning your fried food won’t come out of the fryer with the high quality product that makes the nation’s takeaway cuisine so popular.

Faced with producing substandard fried food or returning to the quality offered by fresh oil, it may seem worthwhile to discard your used oil and replace it with a new batch. A VITO oil filter removes unwanted contaminants from your oil, giving it more time to cook food to crisp perfection.

Oil filter machine for takeaways
Oil filter machine for takeaways
Oil filter machine for takeaways

A busy takeaway restaurant may not have the time to spare constantly checking and replacing frying oil. VITO oil filtration machines can be used on the same oil multiple times a day, ensuring your oil is clean and in good health to help you create top quality fish and chips. If you need to test your oil quickly and reliably, using a VITO Oil Tester provides vital information on the quality and temperature of your oil, meaning you only need to replace it at the right time.

Our oil filtration products are exclusively imported into the UK to help your takeaway restaurant improve efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

Many of the UK’s takeaways are already benefitting from a VITO oil filter machine. The savings your business could make will eventually pay for itself, leaving you with lower expenses and a higher quality product. Make sure you aren’t missing out on the financial savings our products offer you and the confidence our products provide to your customers.


Save up to 50% of your Frying Oil costs with Vito