Commercial Fryers

The commercial or deep fat fryer as it’s known is an established favourite and a stalwart of the catering industry. They are also economical units that allow chefs to create British favourites such as fish and chips with maximum efficiency. Some may have a stigma about fried foods but like anything, in moderation or when using low-fat oils, you can achieve results that aren't possible via other cooking methods. Free-standing fryers are flexible and able to cope with large amounts of fried food produced when your kitchen is at maximum output. A compact form factor allows for placement within an organised cooking station to keep it running smoothly. The deep fat fryer sometimes gets a bad reputation for creating food that is high in saturated fats or, as is often the case, used to make convenience fast food with a simple change of frying oil, you can in fact, make an array of healthier fried foods for diners without compromise.

We have teamed up with Valentine Fryers which are manufactured in Switzerland to the highest of standards as you would expect from a Swiss company.

The tanks have a lifetime warranty and the actual deep fat fryer has 3 years warranty. These commercial fryers are all electric and include a cable for easy installation.