Bottene PM50 Pasta Machine

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With free delivery and free onsite training the Bottene PM 50 pasta maker is an excellent pasta machine which is practical and simple to use. The Bottene PM50 pasta maker will produce 12-13kg of pasta per hour. Exceptionally hard wearing manufactured in catering grade stainless steel as you would expect from a market leader. The Bottene PM50 can be used to make a huge variety of pasta from any type of flour including semolina, durum wheat, whole wheat and more. It's also great at making coloured pasta or pasta without eggs if required.

Construction of PM 50 is of highest quality materials, complying with all safety standards. Auger and mixer removable for an easy cleaning. Each machine comes complete with 4 standard dies.

Accessories: cutter system for short pasta, stand, stand with fan, many types of dies.