Bottene Lillodue Pasta Machine

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The Bottene Lillodue commercial Pasta Machine is an excellent entry level pasta maker and so easy to use. Although an entry level pasta maker it is still built to the same technical features and with the same robust performance as those machines supplied to large restaurants and commercial enterprises. Simple to use and will produce fresh pasta using any type of flour, with or without eggs and even enhanced with tomato puree for red pasta, spinach for green pasta, brown pasta with cocoa. With free delivery included and a simple plug and go operation.

Cleaning the machine is very simple since the stainless mixer and auger are easily removable allowing the mixing bowl and internal extruding chamber to be thoroughly cleaned.

Construction of the Lillodue is of highest quality materials, skilfully engineered and finished in stainless steel complying with all safety standards.

Each machine comes complete with 4 dies and there are many choices of dies to produce other shape of pasta.